Speakasiaonline Review

by Survey Jobs

Investing your millions in a project, where your project is just based on your thinking is taking a big risk. Following various tactics like promotional offers or advertisements don’t often make the product consumers choice. So, the companies all over the world have started investigating the market before bringing their product in the market. This has given rise to the online surveys. These surveys give the companies an idea about the preference of the customers and their choice. Keeping this in mind, speakasiaonline.com was designed, which is a way to investigate the market.
Speaking about the speakasiaonline.com, the observations made till now are not very positive. This website is not illegal, but it doesn’t have an authorized government certificate. The only documents it has are authorized by Singapore government. Speakasiaonline.com is seen to have changed their name thrice in five years, which is not at all a good sign in the market. And participating in this survey may lead to various expenses which leave a very little amount left as profit. So, giving out valuable opinions and taking out time for the surveys is of no use, if the earnings are not well.
Even though the company is becoming popular due to its increasing networking, it still has lots of drawbacks which are not easily accepts by all the customers. The speakasiaonline.com asks for prior money which is to be paid as registration charges. This means an individual pays the website upfront before earning a single penny. And the website also offers to give the payment through local bank currency; there are some nominal charges from the banks that are deducted as the transferring fee charges. So the left out money isn’t much, if considered. And to add to all this, the websites rejects incomplete or improper surveys, and no money is paid for those surveys.
Once all these points are observed, it is not advisable to put the money on speakasiaonline.com. The risks are much more than the rewards expected. There are chances that you might earn on this website in bulk, but what if you loose? There are risks involved. Giving out your opinions and earning money with a minimum knowledge of English and typing speed are good, but make sure you choose the correct website for such purpose!

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  1. shailu permalink
    May 23, 2011

    sachhi kya company hai, salo saal chalegi dhekhna ,star plus walon ka to muh kala hoga

  2. Survey Jobs permalink*
    July 19, 2011

    I hope this company will do well but I am afraid since it has MLM module…. most of MLM companies die in less than 3 years…

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